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Brian Woods
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During the day, Brian Woods weaves code in Visual Foxpro, VB.net, and Visual Basic in order to support over 100 retail stores throughout the country.
His Point of Sale/ Retail Management Software has been operating in hardware stores, clothing stores, liquor stores, pawn shops, food retail locations, and specility shops since 1986 (previous owner 1986-Current/ Brian 1994-Current). In normal business hours, he is a coding computer nerd that does tech support and software customization.
But at night, he turns into a legendary author who spins tales of dragons, dwarves, halflings, elves, and even the occasional vampire.
Brian has been published with stories working side by side with amazing authors like Roy C. Booth, Jesse Duckworth, and the debut writer Tamara Scaggs.
Notably he was published in an anthology with Mike Lera and Kevin J. Anderson.

Roy C. Booth
Roy C. Booth hails from Bemidji, MN where he manages Roy's Comics & Games (est. 1992) with his wife and three sons.
He is a published author, poet, journalist, essayist, gag writer, and optioned screenwriter with over 1,000 publication credits, and internationally awarded playwright with 57 stage plays published (Samuel French, Heuer, et al) with 875+ productions worldwide in 30 countries in ten languages.
Roy was awarded the Burroughs/Verne/Wells Award for a Lifetime Achievement in Excellence in Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing at ValleyCon (Fargo, ND) in 2019.
Roy has been a literary Guest of Honor at the following conventions: Arcana (St. Paul, MN); CoreCon (Fargo, ND); DiversiCon (St. Paul, MN); ValleyCon (Fargo, ND); and VisionCon (Springfield, MO).

Tamara Scaggs
Tamara Scaggs is the author of the Romantic Crime Drama, Retribution and author of the upcoming sequel, Red Retribution.
At the very young age of 13, Tamara began to fall in love with reading and tried her hand at novel writing.
Older in life she set sail on a new journey, raising her two incredible sons, but it wasn`t until an unexpected surgery and time of recuperation that she began to write once more. Tamara has spent her free time focused on being an author while raising her two boys and never imagined she could create a whole new world to slip away to through the pages of a book. For Tamara, this has been an incredible journey to have accomplished and looks forward to her next adventure to set sail.

Justin Calais
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Dru Morgan
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Mike Lera
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