Robert Walter lives in the outside area of Birmingham, Alabama. He and his partner, David Carlysle, have worked in the Birmingham Metro Area for the last twenty two years, building new buildings and maintaining old buildings in the commercial district. At the end of 2014, they purchased ACA Books under the business title, ACA Books Press.

David Carlysle hails from North Birmingham and has spent the last twenty five years building one of the largest and most profitable companies in the Birmingham Metro Area. When the idea of getting into the publishing industry was introduced to him by Robert Walter, his response was, "Another New Adventure!"


Robert Walter leads a team of three editors, all with experience with literary editing, mainstream news editing, and line editing.


Druscilla Morgan


Brian Woods, creator and co-writer for the Tales of Suruale series, has been working on the world of Suruale since 2008. With the help of Roy C. Booth, he made a world from his dreams become a reality on paper. Along with the Tales of Suruale series, Brian and Roy have brought other worlds and other characters to life, such as a hobling named Curso and a werecat named Alex.